Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Bourbon Biscuit

The Bourbon Biscuit


My 13 year old daughter

Have you ever had that moment, when you enter your house and walk straight into the kitchen and find a full packet of bourbon biscuits?  

The world suddenly feels so much brighter.  They are amazing, I mean where else would you find a chocolate biscuit filled with chocolate cream?  It's even better when you see the biscuit barrel full of custard creams, and then there it is one bourbon biscuit at the very bottom of the barrel.  You feel as though you've struck gold.  It's moments like this when your parents find you dancing around the kitchen looking suspiciously like Golom saying "My precious!"

Also, when your mum is filling up the biscuit barrel and you are clocking every biscuits move.  Then she might casually walk out the room and you run; spy style of course, straight to the biscuits, grab one and leg it upstairs.  Aha yes... No-one saw a thing! 

But what I don't understand is, why did they make the custard cream?  I mean it doesn't make sense.  They always seem so inferior to the bourbon.  We already have a wonderful biscuit (and I've even been able to find dairy-free bourbons, so mum can enjoy them too).  So why would you ruin the dream biscuit with silly cheaper plain ones! I ask you? 


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