Friday, 5 April 2013

Little snippet from - Living the Dream by Maxi Shelton

Living the Dream
Maxi Shelton

          Claire felt like she was melting on the spot as Jack placed feather light kisses along her neck.  Suddenly she felt herself being spun around and pushed back against the Belfast sink.  Jack’s hooded light green eyes looked into hers as he bent his head, claiming her mouth. 
            My word . . . Claire had been kissed before, but never like this! 
Her whole body started to tingle and she instantly felt herself begin to weaken and heat up.  Jack was pressed right into her and as she opened her mouth for his hot tongue to slip in, she was lifted off the floor so she was pressed right into his hard arousal. 
            Gasping, Claire moaned, “Jack,” and wrapped her legs around his hips to feel him better through their jeans. 

She now knew why she’d never fallen in love before . . . it hurt . . . it hurt a lot.
Claire Labelle A-list movie star had spent most of her life in front of the camera.  On the surface her life was magazine picture perfect.  But behind closed doors Claire dreamt of a normal life away from the flashing lights.

On the eve of her 30th Birthday, Claire finally gathers the courage to follow her dream.

After buying her dream chocolate box cottage in the country, Claire has an unfortunate encounter with her tall sexy neighbour.  Sparks instantly fly between farmer Jack Harris and Claire.

A passionate romance quickly blossoms, until the paparazzi track her down, trampling her dream, and Jack does the unforgivable . . .

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Amazon US ~ ~ $2.88
WHSmith ~ ~ £2.06
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