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Inset from 'Sold into Marriage' by Maxi Shelton

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Sold into Marriage


Maxi Shelton

      “Isabel. I want to kiss you,” he said. He was using that velvet voice again.
      She smiled back, like the wanton woman she was starting to feel in this dimly lit room with this very attractive, powerful man.
      Sebastian pulled Isabel in closer to him and then kissed along her neck. She could feel sensitive, wonderful shivers running down her spine. He cupped the back of her head in his hand, forcing her to look straight at him. His lips came down on hers, hard. Before she could help herself, she was opening up to him, breathing his name.
      He broke away from the kiss. “Undress, Isabel.” 

      “I . . . I will need a maid. To help me.” 
      Smiling, he said, “I’m the best you’ve got, so turn around.” 
      Slowly Isabel turned. Sebastian carefully unbuttoned each of the pearl buttons and then turned her around. With both hands he slid the dress from her shoulders, until it fell down to her waist.

Lord Sebastian Griffiths would do anything for his beloved dying mother. But he didn’t see this one coming: to see him married before she died.
Sebastian, a 38-year-old confirmed bachelor, liked things done his way and his way only. Sebastian considered a wife to be an embarrassing, time- consuming, meddling and unnecessary addition to his life.

After consulting with Dennis Burrows, a solicitor and good friend from university, he forms a plan to buy a temporary wife who could be paid off.
Isabel couldn’t believe her own father would sell her into marriage. After spending nine years in debtors’ prison looking after him, Isabel had become a strong, independent woman. It was that or fall apart and die from hunger.
But Isabel wasn’t ready for Sebastian. He was an attractive, arrogant, dangerous pig, yet she’d gone ahead with the marriage, for the love of her father, and the chance to get him out of the hellhole they had been living in for the last nine years.

Sebastian is caught unawares by the passion he experiences with Isabel. After his mother dies and he leaves Isabel for the second time, he realises he’s truly fallen in love with his own wife. Miserable and drowning his sorrows he is rescued by Burrows, who knows his friend has to pull himself together for the sake of his unborn child, whose existence Sebastian has yet to discover.

Will Sebastian be able to find the courage to go back to Isabel and win her heart, or will she turn him out like the rat he’s been?

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