Friday, 22 June 2012

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Meme Time “Lucky 7″

Darn it! I’ve been tagged by the lovely Tami Parrington over at her blog
Bruce Blake hit up Chantal Boudreau who then tagged Tami Parrington in a blog meme and she hit me up to be part of this Lucky 7 meme. In Bruce’s words, here’s how it works:
  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy down the next seven lines/sentences exactly as they are
  • Tag 7 other authors
Now, I’ve never taken part in a meme before, so I thought this would be fun. I’ve used Conner, as I thought it would be a little more ‘reader friendly’ than Craving! :D
So here we are folks, page 77 of Conner, 7 fun sentences! :D

“….It does seem very radical, but then most methods of psychology, were at some point, also very radical. Let’s hope this method is one of the successful ones.”
The woman cleared her throat, and said, “Very well. If we are all in agreement, we’ll make the necessary arrangements, and fill out the forms needed. Dr Miller, you may go and tell Conner what is happening.” Erin nodded gratefully.
Dr Whitfield smiled at Erin. Erin returned the smile, butterflies starting to float up in her stomach at the thought of Conner in her home.

Now, muhahaha! Who is next? The seven authors I’m going to tag, are…

Maxi Shelton
Pixie Lynn Whitfield
Liz Long
Douglas Pratt
Christine Warner
Susan Buchanan
Nicola Rhodes

A big thank you to Miranda for the adding me to her seven authors shout out - Don't forget get to do your funky friday dancing! 

My page 7, line 7 from my new christmas special called 'Christmas Blood' by Maxi Shelton

She sank down onto the bed as the realisation of what she was hit her. 
A vampire. Surely they were just things you read about in books and watched on TV.  This was Britain for God’s sake; we did not have vampires in Britain. 
It was stupid to even think of it.  There had to be a very reasonable explanation for what was going on… there just had to be!  
Daisy became aware of voices moving down the corridor. She had to get out of here and fast.  She slipped on her sequined baby-pink pumps and then looked around the room for an exit. 
The window
That looked like her only option.
 Just before she climbed out of the window, Daisy realised she still had her phone and credit card in her bra.


  1. It sounds really cool so far, I'll be first on the list to get it you know. :D

    And I love how it ends on the last sentence. I know it's not supposed to be funny, but it is when it's the last line without the rest of the story! :D x

  2. Thank you Miranda,

    This book is an intro to my supernatural world.

    Don't worry there are some very funny bits and some blood thirsty parts too - she is a new vampire dressed in a pink sequinned fairy outfit ...... (and that's all I'm going to tell you! *wink* lol)

    Maxi xx ;-D