Saturday, 4 August 2012

High Speed Romance Author!

For my birthday I was given a 3 super-car driving experience day.  Something I've always wanted to do.......... yes I do write romance but there is also a bit of a boy racer in me too!  Just you wait, I've always wanted to drive a tank, plane and race track cars too........ oh and so much more!  I'm just waiting for someone to gift the experiences to me as a present! lol 

I would like to share the experience with you guys too...... I had such an amazing time and possible for the first time in my life I was speckless!  Yes as hard as that sounds.  I still find it hard to describe how amazing and thrilling it was to drive these incredible super-cars.

Aston Martin DB9 Vantage.

I would like to point out that I had my foot more or less flat down on the brake!  
I later discovered what he was after was emergence brake push stop! 
(nervous male drivers! lol)

Lamborghini Gallardo

Wow this was an amazing car to drive so smooth and fast, I so want one of these. 
Simple wow....... I'm still having a hard time finding the right words to describe how much I loved driving this car. :-D

I'm in the second car in, we've just put the top down before the fun begins! *huge smile*

Ferrari 360

This was a fun car to drive although not as amazing as the Lamborghini. 
I found it a little rattly to driving in comparison! lol

*shaking head* 
I can't believe I would be putting an incredible car like this down, 
but after driving the Lamborghini...... well nothing compares to it in my view. 


Sadly I wasn't allowed to drive this one or get a recording of the ride.  
So I driven around the track twice by the race tracks every-own Stig!

WOW WOW WOW......... this was truly amazing, thrilling 
possible almost but not quite better than sex! lol 

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