Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Blood by Maxi Shelton - Sexy Teaser

Christmas Blood
Maxi Shelton

Now only 77p or $1.24 from Amazon

Sexy Teaser

It was now the sixth night since Tuhin had reluctantly rescued the female and he still refused to acknowledge she was his mate, despite all the signs, such as having the best sleep he thought he’d ever had, even with his real mate.
He’d just run a sharp nail down his arm when the female suddenly moved, and grabbed his arm then rammed it into her mouth.  For the first time, he even felt her little kitten teeth bite into his already open wound. 
The shock and pleasure from it made him groan and nearly spill his seed in his trousers.
She made the most delicious moaning noises, and then leaped up from her laying position until she was poised over him.  He noticed how clear her skin looked, all fresh and creamy white. 
Tuhin moved back on the bed allowing her better access, as she parted her legs and straddled him.  Without even thinking, he made a small slice in his neck, which drew her attention from his arm.  Her warm blue eyes looked into his own before she latched onto his neck. 
As the female milked his neck, she rubbed herself against him. 
With every essence in his body, he wanted to pull down his zipper, tear off her undergarments and sink into her warm, honey centre.  But he didn’t, or couldn’t, he knew that would be a bad move, there was no way on earth he was going to complete the mating ritual with this woman and spoil the image of his real beloved mate.

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