Saturday, 14 December 2013

2nd Sexy Book for Christmas Blood by Maxi Shelton

Christmas Blood


Maxi Shelton

Now only 77p or $1.24 from Amazon

Sexy Teaser No 2

Tuhin awoke before Daisy as he expected he would but he didn’t even try to move.  She was still wrapped up in his arms, with her sweet bottom snuggled into him. 
He lay there quite content as Daisy slept on.  After a while, he felt her move in his arms before she snuggled deeper into his embrace.  His length nestled between her cheeks, and they both moaned in pleasure.
Slowly and carefully, he started kissing along the side of her neck, the need to sink his teeth into her while buried deep inside her was overpowering.  But he wasn’t going to claim her like this.  She was going to be up to full health and they needed to be able to have sex without blood. 
He just wanted to prove to himself that what he felt right now was real and not blood induced.
Daisy moaned.
Ooh, how warm and safe she felt.  There was something more to Tuhin than just attraction, but she just hadn’t worked it out yet.
She could feel his hard length nudging her bottom from behind, as his soft lips tenderly kissed along her neck.  Daisy rubbed her bottom against him as she felt just the hint of his sharp teeth glide along her skin. 
She wanted him to sink his teeth inside her while taking her from behind.
Daisy suddenly felt herself being flipped over onto her back as Tuhin moved over him. 
His dark eyes were almost black, but something inside her didn’t fear this, in fact, she became even more aroused by it.
They looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments before Tuhin slowly lowered his head to hers, and then carefully kissed her mouth.  But Daisy didn’t want careful, she wanted hard and wild, so she lifted up her head to claim his mouth fully. 

We've all heard of the party that goes wrong. . . 
What happens when you wake up as the creature nightmares are made of?

Alone, weak, afraid…
Unable to feed yourself… with an uncontrollable hunger

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