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Guest Author Blog - Introducing J. Annas Walker - Romance Author

Guest Author Blog - Introducing

J. Annas Walker - Romance Author 

The Lost Alchemist
Midnight's Jewel
Scion's Freedom
Scion's Avalon
Water's Lover 
J. Annas Walker

1. So tell me, what is the one thing, you have to do or be perfect before you can even sit down to write?

My work space needs to be quite. I can listen to music before or after my writing, but I want to hear all the voices in my head without distractions.

2. When you are in the house alone and no-one is watching . . . what is the one naughty treat, you would reach for?

I go out of my way not to have naughty treats in the house.  Besides, I have two teenage boys.  There’s never any food in the cupboards anyway.

3. Where is your favourite place to read?

Anywhere there is light works for me.  I take a book with me everywhere I go.

4. Tell me one funny little trait you have, no matter how small or silly you feel it is?

I tug on my earlobes when I’m upset or annoyed.

5. What were you, before you became an author, and do you still do that too?

I worked in transportation engineering as a road and highway design engineer.  I loved my job but was laid off a number of years ago. I’ve been writing ever since.

6. What interesting or unusual hobbies do you have or like?  

I love to cross-stitch, crochet, knit, sew, and embroider.

7. What would be your favourite meal?

I do have a dish, I love above all others and use as a treat for myself, North Carolina-style barbeque.  Now, for those of you not from NC, barbeque is a dish, not an activity we do with a grill.  Slow roasted, wood-fired, chopped, seasoned pork served with red or white coleslaw, fries or baked beans, and hushpuppies can’t be beat.  And don’t forget the Carolina-style vinegar-based sauce!  Peach cobbler or banana pudding is almost always on the menu for dessert.  Pair that up with a sweet, iced tea or a cold Pepsi and you have a match made in heaven!

8. We all have our own party piece of music, whether it’s only sang at home or when out partying . . . what is yours?

Super Massive Black Hole by Muse

9. What music do you have on, in the car?

I have a thing for old cars and mine doesn’t have a CD player or a means to use an mp3/iPod.  I can’t bear the thought of ruining the original dash to upgrade the system.  So, I listen to the radio.  *gasp*

10. When you are working, what music do you like listening to?

I love having music to clean the house to and often choose bands like Blue October, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Hollywood Undead, Muse, or The Gorillaz.

11. And finally when you were younger, what did you imagine you’d be doing for a job when you grew up . . . truth please?

I wanted to be an Egyptologist or some other form of archaeologist.  I realized, once I was older, that the pay was low and the jobs scarce.  I switched to engineering. 

Thank you J. Annas, it was intersting to get to know you, Egytologist wow, now that would have been a amazing job and adventure!  We both appear to have simple hobbies and I do love the sound of your North Carolina-Style barbegue.  
Good luck with all your books.

Maxi xxx

The Lost Alchemist
Midnight's Jewel
Scion's Freedom
Scion's Avalon
Water's Lover 
J. Annas Walker

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  1. A very interesting piece. I like to learn a bit about what makes other authors tick and how they deal with the cursed gift... However... As much as I love good barbecue, I must quote Charles Kuralt, in saying that, "Senator Jesse Helms was God's retribution for North Carolinians putting Cole Slaw on their bbq."