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Sold into Marriage 5* star review from author Haythem Bastawy - A Military Republic

 Sold into Marriage 5* star review from author Haythem Bastawy - A Military Republic

A Beautiful Story

I was not sure when I first started reading this book, I don't know why really, maybe because I have not read romance for a long time. I've found the book an absolute joy to read. I mainly read on the way to work and back and it was very hard sometimes to stop reading to get off the bus. The relationship between Lord Sebastian and Isabel was very romantic with so many different angles and it was beautiful watching both characters growing more fond of eachother everyday. I've found Maxi Shelton very insightful into male psyche, it is not very often when one comes across a female writer who knows how a man thinks. Overall very entertaining and totally recommend.

Haythem Bastawy was born in Alexandria, Egypt 1986. He holds a B.A in English Literature from Alexandria University. He taught English for Berlitz-Egypt in Tanta, before working for the ITI as an English Language Teacher based at both Cairo and Ain-Shams Universities. He also worked as a free-lance journalist for some local newspapers. He currently lives in Yorkshire with his wife and son. A Military Republic is the first novel in a series of books set in the year before the Egyptian Revolution and traveling back in time to the early nineteenth century.

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