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5* star review from Micki Peluso, writer, reviewer, journalist and author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

Delightful Historical Romance

Sold into Marriage by Maxi Shelton

Lord Sebastian Griffith has a huge problem which entails doing something he abhors--getting married. It's his dying mother's wish to see him married and with an heir before she dies. This traps him into conceding--but he decides it will be on his terms.

His brilliant attorney and good friend, Dennis Burrows, helps formulate a plan to appease his mother without upsetting Sebastian's penchant for the freedom of bachelorhood. An added benefit to the plan is that it will release the lovely, well-bred Isabel from debtor's prison, where she has lived and worked for nine years to keep her and her father alive. Her father's gambling debts have eaten up his fortune, leaving the now 27 year old Isabel penniless and without a dowry. Sebastian will pay his debts and essentially buy her, by promising to care for her father while he's in prison. A perfect plan--everyone will benefit. But perfect plans have a way of going awry . . .

Isabel Bennet had to be strong to survive those grueling years in prison, near starvation and overworked. These qualities, plus her bearing as a beautiful young woman of England's High Society, make her a match for the winsome, brooding Sebastian. She is well aware she has been literally sold into marriage to a total, if handsome stranger, but accepts her lot to save her father. Neither of them is prepared for the sexual attraction that ignites between them. Once married, their nights are filled with uncontrolable lust and sexual flames, which in spite of herself, Isabel finds more delectable than her favorite chocolates.

While each night is spent in Sebastian's arms, after hours of passionate, consuming lovemaking, he leaves her bed and returns to his own. During the days, he is polite, but returns to his moody sullenness, which not only hurts Isabel but makes her furious. She is determined the "arrogant pig" will never have his heir, in spite of the fact that she is drawn to him in a way that both surprises and annoys her. She can't fathom how she can have such mixed emotions over this aloof, uncaring man. Sebastian is, to his mind, keeping his word in the bargain by freeing her after he gets his heir and pleases his mother; whom Isabel has come to love. Little does he realize that he is falling in love with his temporary bride.

Romance readers will cherish this delightful story, wondering, as it draws to a finish, if these two star-crossed lovers will realize that an enduring love has captured both their hearts . . .

Reviewer: Micki Peluso, writer, journalist and author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

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