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Crystals and their meaning,
which appear in my book
Sold into Marriage.

The giving and receiving of gem stone crystals, appears throughout Sold into Marriage, and also plays an important role too.  Whether you believe in gem stone meanings or not, may people throughout history, have held great faith in these pretty stones.  Even I have a small collection of them myself!

In Sold into Marriage, Isabel was introduced to them by her new mother-in-law, poor dying Edith.  In the vain aid of bring on a pregnancy, just as Edith was told, all those many years ago for herself, by an old Gypsy lady, who was camping out in the family woodlands.     

Then even Sebastian himself, goes to get pains and lengths to create a gift of crystals for Isabel.  In his odd, and very male way of saying, that he was sorry, and he loved her.  When all hope of being together was lost to him. 

So I thought it would be fun to share these crystals and other findings with you...

My own little collection of gem crystals. 

Edith's old Gypsy ladies advice, using a few of natures medicines to help with fertility...

These are all old wives tales and traditional remedies.  This is in no way advice or cures, just some research I found for my book, I thought you may also find interesting too.    


Raspberry Leaf Tea - Which claims to 'Tone" the uterus, also used at the end of pregnancy to bring on labour!

Grapefruit Juice - Tinning effect on cervical mucus!

and to eat  Honey - to nourish the reproductive system, and stimulate ovaries function. 

Edith's maid Martha, clearly doesn't tell Isabel all the above information, when the three woman are sitting talking.  Just that the above prepares the body for a baby, and to be with your husband on a full moon! 


Don't worry, I'm not going to list every single gem stone, there is something like 200 different gems in total.  I'm only going to mention the once's I've used in Sold into Marriage.   

Rose Quartz (soft pink) - to increase fertility.  

* Known as the love stone
* Strong healer of the heart
* Makes an excellent friendship gift
* Fertility crystal
* Encourages helpfulness, self-love, romance, ability to love
* Fulfilment of essential needs

Moonstone (milky white to silver, blue) - Passion. 

* Brings good fortune, passionate love
* Assists in foretelling the future
* Enhances intuition 
* Can reunite quarrelling lovers
* Brings success in love as well as business matters
* Protection stone 

Amethyst (purple) - to increase fertility. 

* Spiritual insight
* Promotes a sense of good judgment
* Provokes honesty
* Encourages a quite and calm mind
* Aids in meditation to find deep inner peace
* Comfort at times of loss of grift
* Aids dreaming, inspiration and intuition

Carnelian (fire, red, orange colour) - for fertility.

* Restores vitality and motivation - stimulantes creativity
* Protects from bad vibrations
* Guards against poverty
* Grounds and anchors you in the present reality
* Calms the temper

Jade (jade, green colour) - for protection and luck. 

* Attracts love
* Brings money and prosperity
* Protection from accidents and misfortune
* Assists in self-healing

Unakite (green and salmon colour) - for protection and balancing the immune system.

* Protection
* Unconditional love
* Reunion

And apparently you get bonus points, if the gems are shaped like elephants and rabbits.

Elephant - Strength, Intelligence and Loyalty.

Rabbit - Love, Vigilance and Fertility.

This little collection of gems in Sold into Marriage, was placed in a velvet bag, then placed under Isabel's pillow.  


Just before Isabel and Sebastian go to their first and only dance, he presents Isabel with a beautiful amethyst, jade and diamond necklace with matching long earrings.  

Amethyst for fertility, jade for protection and luck, and diamonds for bonding, love and forever! 

During this dance, Sebastian makes a show of claiming Isabel as his own, from a much younger suitor.  So just maybe the Jade and Diamonds, where working their magic after all!!  

Sebastians Sorry! 

Angel Moonstone - The angle means love and creation.  And the moonstone, for love, power, healing and also luck.

Rose Quartz Elephant -  The elephant teaches strength, intelligence and loyalty.  And the gem means love and healing.

Infinite Lion (infinite gem is dark to light green in colour) - The lion teaches personal power, courage, and strength. While the gem means power, protection, healing, and love. 
Lepidolite Dog (lepidolite is violet in colour) - The dog teaches loyalty and unconditional love.  And the lepidolite holds the power of proaction, power, love, and luck.

Pink Opal Butterfly - The butterfly teaches change, love, and transformation.  While the pink opal means love, healing, power, and good luck.  

Isabel is confused in the book, when she receives this gift, but the old maid Martha translates each gem stone.  

A snippet from Sold into Marriage.....

    Martha placed each shaped gem back into the blue
velvet bag and handed it back to Isabel. “You are a very
lucky woman to receive a gift like that.”
    In a quiet voice, Isabel said, “But what does it all
    “It means, my child,” Martha said while taking Isabel’s
hands in her own large, warm ones, “that Lord Sebastian
loves you and wants to protect you. He has finally learnt to
listen to his heart.”
    “Oh—oh!” She released her hand from Martha’s and
ran it along her ever-increasing swell. “Do you think he
knows about the baby?”
    Martha smiled and then placed her own hands over
Isabel’s, over her precious unborn child. “No, I don’t think
he does. He wants to protect the woman he loves.” Then she
got up, kissed the top of Isabel’s head, and left the room. 

I hope you found some of this interesting?  When I was researching these different gems and properties, I found it highly fascinating.  And lets face it, if these gems work or not, they are still very pretty gifts to give, or receive, or just own, and wear yourself!  

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