Thursday, 13 December 2012

Digging in the Library for Gold; Thanks to Maxi Shelton featured in Michael Charton blog

Digging in the Library for Gold; 

Thanks to Maxi Shelton

Taken from on 12th December 2012

Michael Charton

I posted on Facebook about going to the library today.  A writer friend, Maxi Shelton responded with; “Are you just going to get the books on reserve for you?  It’s like a sweet shop, you never know what sort of treasures are waiting.”
I told her I’ve become disciplined, but my local branch manager said, yes there is  gold in Arizona, but none under the library.  It was just renovated and please stop digging.
Maxi had a comeback;  but we all want to have adventures.
I liked that comeback and used it.  Next time, I started digging in the biographies.  I made her nervous with my mining helmet and tools.  The canary made her jump.
Maxi wanted to see the look on the Branch Managers face.  Maxi, I want to do book signings there.  You are cruel, LOL!
Maxi thinks I am the Indiana Jones of the library.  No, that’s why we write.  Someone else drills out the library floor and finds bugs and snakes like Indy does.

Thank you Michael that was loads of fun... 
of course it's now proven that I talk too much 
and want to go on more adventures.... 
soooo I'd best get back to the writing then! lol 

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